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Football statistics: the basis for betting

If you open your browser on your mobile or computer and search for the keywords ‘football betting stats’, chances are that you are a professional bettor and are looking for statistics on the beautiful game. 

If this is the case, you will be looking for accurate data to analyse and place the bets you think are likely to be most successful. It is also possible that if you are looking for football statistics for betting, you are a player who is just starting out in this exciting world, with the aim of having a better chance of winning your bets.

Well, the former are just as important as the latter. Statistics in any sports or football betting are just as important as information, knowledge, or even the luck you may have in a particular event on which you have placed your bet. Historical statistics and their analysis are a fundamental factor in generating good football predictions. In this post we are going to explain why football statistics are so important for your betting and if they are really enough to make your bets profitable, are you ready?

What are statistics in sports betting?

Statistics are the collection of historical data that are accumulated over a certain period of time. Extrapolated to football, they can be based on different elements or aspects of a particular player, squad or competition. They usually provide value for decision making in forecasting.

When we are talking about football betting statistics, we are referring to the analysis of the most relevant data that can be extracted from the aforementioned agents. Such analysis can give us an advantage when placing a particular football bet.

We could give thousands of examples of important data for your football bets: number of goals scored away from home, number of fouls committed by the defence of a particular football team, corners for, against, number of cards…. even an infinity of individual data that can help you to make your bet thinking about specific players.

For each bet you are going to place on a certain event, we have a control panel with the most relevant data to be able to analyse and have a better chance of getting your prediction right.

Are football statistics enough to always be right?

We all know that he who has information, has a treasure. Any data that we can obtain about a sporting event or a football match in particular will help us to make the best decisions to get the maximum profit.

But we can assure you that although football betting statistics are an extraordinary tool to make the best predictions, working only with them and ignoring current information is not advisable. 

Let’s take an example: 

  • Let’s assume an Italian football league match between Juventus (top of Serie A) and Brescia (bottom of the table). You analyse the results of both teams, results of the last 5 matches played, number of goals scored, number of goals conceded, average minute of the first goal, etc…
  • You come to the conclusion that a 3-0 result has a 75% probability of occurrence and you bet on that result. 
  • There are 4 days to go until the match and the news comes out that Cristiano Ronaldo, top scorer of the team and of the Italian league, is injured in training and misses the match. In this particular case, the 75% chance of this happening would be only 20%. 


There are different profiles of players who place their bets. There are the bettors who rely exclusively on statistical data, making use of a large amount of data before making their betting decisions. On the other hand, there is the profile of the player who bases his strategy on analysing current information in case he might miss something, paying less attention to historical data.

In short, statistics are very important for fine-tuning your football betting and getting the best returns, but if you don’t pay attention to up-to-date information you will have less chance of getting your bets right.

We cannot give you a 100% reliable formula, but we encourage you to expand the range of sources of information, as each match is unique, and there are countless variables that escape the numbers and in which you will have to pay close attention.

Are you ready to win your bets by making use of football betting statistics and additional information?

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